References / Notes of Appreciation

Date: June. 2015

Description of Work:

Replaced garbage disposal (with one I had already purchased), assessed problem with leaky toilet.

Comments on Work Provided:

"First of all, I purchased a 1-hour special from Angie's list. When Joshua came today, he installed the unit, a process which required him to add a small length of pipe under the sink as well. He worked efficiently and cleanly, completed the installation and checked its performance (with me present).

He then checked out a toilet which had been leaking internally, found it to be either the flapper or the tube which handles the overflow in the tank. the toilet is a Kohler model from 1992, and he did not have a flapper with him that would work. He told me that I could order it on-line (with the info he read me from the unit itself) and either try to install it myself or call him back in.  But he also warned that if it is not the flapper, the other part would require dismantling the toilet, which would be as expensive ultimately as replacing it altogether. that came as no surprise, because I had been told the same thing on the phone by another plumber who declined the job. Joshua was timely, professional, and courteous. I will certainly call him again."

Nancy K. - Newton, MA

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